Grey – Trans masculine

This week we are going to feature different posts about being Enby, Enby or Non-Binary is a blanket term for lots of different genders that are not male or female and most Enby people fit into a narrower category, I personally feel most comfortable with the term transmasculine.

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Jay – Please Use My Real Name

I had planned on posting on Tuesday about pronouns but then life happened and I ended up writing this instead. I’d planned out my post and even found some resources to use but it didn’t go as planned (I will add a brief post about pronouns very soon as long as my regular post next week. Enjoy.)

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Flick – Porn has not TRANSitioned

Ed: This week our guest writer is Flick, They are an arts and politics student with a strong grounding in feminism, socialism and Judeo-Christian faiths. This week we invited Flick to talk about an issue within the spheres of feminism and trans* issues, they chose the topic of transgender pornography, in particular “shemale porn”.

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