Grey – The Definition of Scam (and how the levamentum project scammed me)

Continuing on after my definition of slander post I thought I would talk about the definition of scam, the inspiration for this came not from the queer community but from this video¬†from the minecraft community. To summarize it’s about a minecraft convention where the organisers were accused of scamming people, akin to many stories about fandom/communities being taken advantage of through the organisation of conventions that are not worth the paper the tickets are printed on. The one I linked to earlier in the paragraph promised giveaways of minecraft lego and PS4s and instead they gave away pens and the convention was ended after 2 hours. The definition of scam is something that comes up in many of these conversations as people debate if a failed event is a scam or if there has to be some sort of malicious intent that is clear from the start. It has personally affected me when I tried to purchase packers and a STP from levamentum and they… lets start with “failed to deliver”

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Grey – The definition of slander

This isn’t specifically a queer issue, but it pertains to many “moral” political debates. Like if trans* exclusion is acceptable and the behaviours of people who advocate for and against either side in moral debate. The terms slander and libel are thrown around and people on both sides accuse others of it, but there seems to be some confusion on its definition.

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