Grey – Why “poser” trans* people are great

First of all, I don’t believe in the existence of poser trans* people, like I don’t believe in poser geek/gamer girls. But if there are posers, I want to explain why they are great for the trans* community, not fakers who are stealing our identity.

There is a long list of things that I as a Transgender Enby want from society, some include; acceptance (not tolerance) people not feeling a need to gender me because of any outward appearance or behavior. Holistic and Universal education and media coverage on gender diversity.

It sucks for me when I go to to a clothing store, and when I want a black hoodie, I look in the mens and womens sections (cause really it’s a black hoodie, I just want whatever one is nicer and/or cheaper) and I feel as I look in the womens section that people are thinking I am a woman, or that when I buy some underwear I have to choose between men’s underwear with all the stereotypical “man” patterns and designs or women’s underwear where boyleg is this

not just this but with less penis space/maybe in pink/no need for easy access

And hey, theres not much I can do to change this, but if being trans* becomes “cool” and a bunch of young people start complaining about how ridiculous this is, then maybe some stuff will change. Maybe there will be a neutral clothing section, (debateable tho because of gendered marketing) or maybe t-shirt dresses as a part of male fashion. Simply speaking, the more people who start questioning gender, the more understanding the wider community will have about gender.

This is not an isolated or abstract event, it has happened before, and recently too. We called it the paleo diet with the most widely understood part being, that it was cool to avoid gluten. Before that, people with celiac disease or any other sensitivities to gluten or grains like wheat, were stuck with expensive, boring and bland substitutes for once much beloved foods, like bread or chocolate. Let alone if they wanted to eat in a food court or restaurant where gluten is snuck into non-glutenous things, like soy sauce, soups, pies and ice-cream but since so many people avoid gluten, there are now gluten free fruit loops, 6 kinds of bread and menus at restaurants are often labeled diligently. It became cool to ask what things had gluten in them, rather then being that annoying person who meant that if you were throwing a birthday bash, they could only come if it was at one of 3 restaurants in a 10km radius that actually labeled if they added gluten, they are just normal.

and hey, rather than rolling their eyes, the celiacs ride this craze and reap the benefits. Transsexual people need not roll their eyes at non medically transitioning people who complain about how challenging life is for them, trying to find clothing and places that respect them. Firstly because social transition has its own challenges and you should be sympathetic and supportive and secondly the more people that step into alternate, trans and non-binary genders and gender expressions, the more educators and advocates we have for trans*inclusion and respect.
Majorities get what they want, sadly entitled minorities often do not.


7 thoughts on “Grey – Why “poser” trans* people are great

  1. It’s strange that you mention black hoodies, as I’ve had a similar experiences. Part of my work uniform use to be a black shirt and as I’m quite slim the only one my work could provide was a fitted girls one. A few people asked (mainly guys) if I didn’t feel weird wearing a girls shirt. Truth me told I didn’t, as far as I could tell it was just a plain black shirt that buttoned the other way round. It’s strange to think that something as simple as a shirt can have a gender.

  2. I don’t have a problem with someone flirting with being trans* as long as they understand that for some people it is a serious life changing issue. If someone is not “trans* like me” it is still OK.

  3. I don’t… really believe in the existence of poser trans* people because… I feel like if you’re going to socially transition, you’re going to learn REALLY fast what it means to be trans* and whether you are that or not.

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