Grey – Do you have to want medical transition to be Trans*?

As I have touched on before many of my inspirations for informative posts come from the communities I am involved with on facebook, I often save comments and replies I make to then form them into posts for here, at the moment I have quite a backlog of them.

This issue was originally raised by a TERF who was putting down a trans* person who did not plan to medically transition, they also likened it to mental illness and compared it to their own battles with anorexia. To me this discussion raised many important points on what others think of trans* people who do not feel a need too or do not want to medically transition, in short take hormones and get gender reassignment surgery. And some of the mental illness stigma about trans* people.

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Grey – Sorry for the Silence

So many busy exciting things have been going on!
Jay has been changing their educational path and dealing with life stuff, like everyone really! (Hopefully they will find time for a post soon)
I am now a qualified beautician and I’m preparing for some more university time, and I have finished a “Psychiatric Assessment” regarding being trans* and it has come to the conclusion that I am eligible for medical transition and a few other things that I might go into detail about later. This is just a short post before my next one (that should be written today) about socially but not medically transitioning trans* (mostly Enby) people, and the validity of their identity as trans* people.