Hey my name is Grey and me and my bro Jay (hey look, it rhymes) are starting a blog.

So to start of I thought I would try and for a FAQ on questions no-one has asked because they don’t know we exist.

Grey, Why did you want to start a blog with Jay?

Well I love doing collaborative projects where I talk back and forth with people via video or blog posts. I started a few but they all failed dismally, due to one of us getting bored or all the effort it takes to make videos and time to work on them. Jay and I are best bros tho and they seem just as excited as I am.

Are you guys boys or girls?

We are neither, we are nonbinary people who identify neither as male nor female. Thats why our blog has the word “enby” in it, that is the letters NB for non-binary turned into a more phonetic and literary friendly term. I choose to present as male on a day to day basis, but thats different from my Identity.

Are you guys going to post much?

I, Grey am going to try and post every friday minimum, at the start I might be super enthusiastic and post more.

Single, Date Me?

I am not single, I have been with my gorgeous SO for a quarter of a decade now. (gosh that sounds like a long time).

What do you do, what is the point of you?

I am an Information Systems (I.T.) student and a Beauty Therapy student, I have a minor addition to oblivion atm (the game before skyrim). I like catching trains and the point of me is for you to decide.

I want to email you with real questions and ideas for topics/rants?

PLEASE email us, we are so lonely

So jay, do you have anything to add?


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